About Me


Monster Dance Designs About Drawing

When I'm designing a new pattern or etching a glass, I like to think about the person it will end up with.  I hope that it will speak to them in some way, whether to their quirky, creative side, to their inner geek, or to a special moment in their lives.  


Most of all, I hope that it brings them a moment of joy every time they take it off the shelf. 



Assorted Things About Me:

  • Lives in Austin, TX, grew up in Delaware
  • Introverted Lifestyle Blogger at Speed of Purple
  • Is obnoxiously opinionated about pizza
  • Frequent Cleric
  • Studied Art History and worked in ceramics before learning glass
  • Loves crocodiles, Captain Picard, and anything chocolate/peanut butter together
  • Monster Dance was named by my three year old daughter.  Dance moves accompanied.