I’ll try to answer your questions here.  If you would like more information or are interested in ordering some custom work,  send me an email at amy(at)monsterdancedesigns(dot)com.

How do you etch?  Do I have to handwash? My preferred style is abrasive sandblasting because, unlike acid-based cream etching, it yields a smooth, even surface and an interesting texture that contrasts nicely with the surrounding glass. It also allows me use advanced techniques like multi-layer carving and shading in my designs. Sandblasting works by using silicon carbide “sand” propelled by pressurized air to wear away the surface of the glass.  Artistically, the concept is similar to airbrushing.I  draw all of my patterns digitally, then cut them into a vinyl resist, either by hand or on a plotter.  Each glass gets the individual treatment when it comes applying the resist and masking off the rest of the glass.  Anywhere that isn’t covered gets hit with the grit and carved. All of my etching is done on restaurant-quality glassware. and durable enough to mix in the cabinet with the rest of your collection. Etching is permanent. The glass is all dishwasher safe, and your design will never fade or flake away.

Do you do custom work? I love doing custom work when my schedule allows. Custom design fee ranges from an additional $5-20 depending on nature of your request.  Design work includes up to two sketches and two modifications). Anything needed within 2 weeks from the date of your order may be subject to an additional rush fee. Orders in the Austin, TX area may schedule a pickup/delivery in lieu of shipping.

HOLIDAY ORDERS:  I tend to have a full workload of custom requests going into the holiday season.  I would recommend getting your orders in as soon as possible to ensure that I’ll be able to  fit them into my schedule.  My cutoff date for custom orders is December 1.

Do you only etch glass? In additon to glass, I can also etch steel. (That includes YETI cups!)  Unfortunately, I am unable to etch acrylic and other plastics due to the toll it takes on my equipment.

What payments do you accept? Online, I can do Paypal, which facilitates using any credit card.  If you would prefer to not use Paypal, I can also accept all cards directly through my Etsy and MonsterShop.  In person or at a show, can accept cash or any credit card via Square.

Do you consign or wholesale your work? Some of my work can be found in shops around Austin.  If you are interested in carrying Monster Dance in your store, please email for wholesale information or to discuss consignment terms.  I’ll even deliver in the Austin/San Antonio area.