Meet Amy


After several years as an architectural stained glass designer, Amy began Monster Dance Designs in Austin in 2012 as a creative outlet for some of her quirkier design sensibilities. From there developed a philosophy that even the most utilitarian items are an opportunity to put your unique personality out on the table. 

From the first small herd of dinosaurs, the collections have expanded to include dozens of fun designs that can be found on shelves throughout the country.

Amy is also passionate about the handmade movement and mentoring fellow artists. She has spoken on panels including the 'Level Ur Craft" series at PAX South and CONtessa.  She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and daughter, eating more queso than she probably should.

"When I'm designing a new pattern or etching a glass, I like to think about the person it will end up with.  I hope that it will speak to them in some way, whether to their quirky, creative side, to their inner geek, or to a special moment in their lives.  Most of all, I hope that it brings them a moment of joy every time they take it off the shelf. "-Amy