Monster Dance Designs

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Bribe your DM one of these, and that orc just might miss on a critical. No guarantees, but it can't hurt to try!

♦SIZING: 16 oz pint glass , approx. 6" H

My functional and fun original designs are individually sandblasted onto each glass in my home studio in Austin, TX.

♦ Dishwasher safe
♦ Sturdy restaurant quality glassware
♦ Sandblasted for a crisp, permanent design

What is sandblasting?
Designs are sandblasted onto the glass using a stream of pressurized air and recycled abrasive grit to carve right into the surface of the glass for a design that won't fade or wear off like a decal. A resist pattern made with vinyl or UV sensitive film defines the area to be etched and protects the rest of the glass.

Visit my website and blog at to learn more about my process and follow me for other news.

Glassware sold individually.