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Kintsugi Etched Cocktail Old Fashioned Glass

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Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, this etched glassware design reminds us of the value of broken things and how much stronger and more unique such things are after repaired.

We all bear scars in our lives and relationships, and there's beauty and character in the repairs we've made to our souls. I wanted to celebrate the idea and the art form with this design that mimics the Japanese pottery tradition of filling in the cracks with gold.  Doing so calls attention to the items history while making the item even stronger and more valuable than before.

Note: The etching is a surface pattern carved slightly into the glass.  No actual breaks or repairs were involved.  The glassware is completely intact and usable.  

All items are hand-decorated, so patterns may vary from glass to glass.

Glassware sold individually. Wholesale, consignment, and bulk quantities available.

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