Monster Dance Designs

Polyhedral Dice Gamer Etched Glassware, Set of 6

Regular price $45.00

One of my most popular items, as featured on The Drunken Moogle!

Make up your own drinking game the next time your party stops into the tavern. I recommend you hand the d20 glass off to the dwarf. He can handle it.

Listing is for six glasses, etched with 1 each of : d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and of course, a d20.

My functional and fun original designs are individually sandblasted onto each glass in my home studio in Austin, TX.  See photos for sizes and styles of glassware.

Dishwasher safe

Sturdy restaurant quality glassware

Sandblasted for a crisp, permanent design


Domestic shipping: USPS Priority Mail most items, First Class under 1lb

International shipping: USPS First Class (Priority over 4lbs)

Items carefully packed using recycled and eco-friendly materials whenever possible

What is sandblasting?

Designs are sandblasted onto the glass using a stream of pressurized air and recycled abrasive grit to carve right into the surface of the glass for a design that won't fade or wear off like a decal. A resist pattern made with vinyl or UV sensitive film defines the area to be etched and protects the rest of the glass.

Wholesale, consignment, and bulk quantities available.

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